Consulting and Research Partnerships

Product Design and Research Consulting.

Dr. Hill is an experienced product design and research consultant specializing in women’s reproductive health and sexual psychology. Dr. Hill has served as a research partner and consultant for leading FemTech companies such as Flo, Tuune, Natural Cycles, and many others. Dr. Hill’s decades of insight into women’s psychology, hormones, and sexual and mental health making her a leading expert on women’s health and wellness.

Dr. Hill is available as a research partner, brand ambassador, board member, and spokesperson for products that she believes will advance the future of women’s reproductive health. She also offers a wide range of consulting services, including: product ideation and innovation, content creation, identifying market trends, conducting clinical trials, as well as media and public relations work.

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Dr. Hill works as a research partner and consultant to some of the leading women’s reproductive and sexual health brands.