How do I know if I am on the right birth control?

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How do I know if I am on the right birth control?

This is – by far – one of the most frequently asked questions I get. And of course it is. For most of us, the birth control we’re on is a mystery. Our doctors give us a prescription for birth control. We have no idea why it was chosen for us (hint: your doctor probably doesn’t know, either). Then, we spend the next several weeks seeing whether it makes us feel better or worse than we felt before we started it.  

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Recently, I have joined the scientific advisory board for a UK-based company called Tuune. Although I don’t normally agree to these sorts of requests, I was so excited about what Tuune is doing that I couldn’t NOT join. They are working to revolutionize the world of women’s hormonal health, and they’re starting with your birth control. Tuune is working with research scientists like me to use research to better match women to their birth control. 

One of the things I talk a lot about in my book is the idea that doctors don’t generally have any idea which women will respond which way to which hormonal birth control. It’s a total crapshoot. Tuune is changing the face of women’s healthcare by:

  • Using data on women’s hormonal profiles and side effect risks to customize birth control recommendations to women.
  • Continuously collecting data on women’s responses to different types of hormonal birth control to better refine their birth control recommendations for future users.

They have created a product that is truly borne of science and for science. And I am so excited to be helping lead some of the research that is being done to make your experiences with your birth control as positive as possible.

Changing women’s sex hormones changes women’s bodies – and as part of this – changes women’s brains. And this is why hormonal birth control is a big deal. I’m so excited to be working with a company that is taking this seriously and working tirelessly to make this as un-traumatic and seamless as possible.

Although non-hormonal birth control is my first choice for pregnancy prevention, this isn’t a choice that most women feel they can make. And it’s certainly not a choice that would have worked for me in my 20s when an unexpected pregnancy would have been devastating. Until we have something better, I am so excited that Tuune can help bridge the gap.

With Tuune, you can see if your symptoms are impacted by your hormones and get an unbiased, personalized recommendation for birth control based on your unique health history and hormonal profile.

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Since I’m an advisor, Tuune is giving me 25 “passes” that give early access to their product and your personalized birth control recommendation and prescription for FREE . All that they ask is that you provide your honest feedback with the Tuune team afterward.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Take your free online Health Assessment. You’ll Find out how your symptoms may (or may not) be affected by your hormones.
  2. Unlock your personalized recommendation.Tuune analyzes over 250 methods of birth control to find one that’s right for your body and your lifestyle.
  3. Get birth control without the game of chance.A licensed Tuune physician will send a written prescription for the method you choose (6 months worth) to the pharmacy of your choice.

Use code SARAH2021  at checkout to unlock your recommendation for free. * The Tuune team will contact you directly to ask for your feedback on the experience.

Visit to learn more, or click below to begin your assessment today. 

Click here to start your FREE health assessment.


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