This is my brain on writing.

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Sarah Hill this is my brain on writing. This is my brain on writing. SarahHill

I am a research psychologist and professor who studies relationships and health. I am also a writer, speaker, and consultant with a passion for helping people understand how to use science to help them feel happier, healthier, and better connected with others. My book, This Is Your Brain On Birth Control: The Surprising Science Of Women, Hormones, And The Law Of Unintended Consequences is out now.

This blog is going to be where I post original articles about all-things related to wellness and relationships. There will also be a lot of articles that are of special interest to women since: (a) I am one, (b) I have spent much of my research career studying them, specifically, and (c) I have a lot of things to say about the birth control pill that couldn’t fit into my book.

I will also be interspersing this sort of content with other things that I am thinking about at the moment (like food, natural approaches to wellness, and other psychology- and health-related things). Food, sex, and the brain…who could ask for something more in a reading space? And when you combine all that with my gratuitous use of the word f**k, I think that you’ll agree that there are few other places quite like this one on the internet**.

**I’ll let you decide whether that’s for better or for worse.

I love hearing from all of you, so please feel free to leave me comments, send me email, or message me on social. My handle is @sarahehillphd on all platforms.

I’m looking forward to getting started and having the opportunity to connect with you all.

Xoxo. Sarah


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